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Insignia TV Reviews

One of the products you may wish to have in your home is Insignia TV. Insignia TV is one of the options when you are looking for a television that will give you the picture quality you want for a low price.

It is one of the many things you can use and take advantage of when you are looking of the television to consider purchasing if they want a large TV for little money. The TV’s come in various sizes from 32 inch to 55 inch. We will take one to Insignia tv reviews specifically.

Insignia TV Pros

The Insignia TV speaking specifically about the NS 55380 is an large 55 inch TV that has good picture quality.

The colors are vibrant. The colors and black are deep enough and you have actual contrast to make a very nice picture you can use to view and enjoy. It does have a number of things such as unique LED technologies and has an MHL port. It allows you to add a streaming stick to the TV.

The thing that is unique about the Insignia brand is that it has a number of unique options. the MHL port which is designed specifically for devices like ROKU. Not only can individuals us devices like the Roku streaming can also be used with items like Galaxy S II and the Galaxy S III.

The device also comes with a Roku enabled box option onscreen that it is purple. The remote to the device does not come with it however it is pretty well laid out and easy to use with a universal remote.

There is seen a separate screen to bring up the Roku device. The Insignia TV comes with LED technology, an a glossy screen finish. It also has two 10 W speakers that come with the device. Users by and large however are very impressed with the technology and the picture.

Review : Its cons

Insiginia is a TV brand that is hardly a household word, it is a TV that is gaining in popularity because it offers a number of unique features.

insignia tvFor those who are wishing to us a ROKU streaming stick with the TV it is not included with the TV and also costs more than the Roku streaming box itself.

When using the TV with Roku the color is a bit off with a reddish and blue green color. Some buyers also say the screen went dim after 2 months.

The machine does not offer 3D technology, or any internet connection which may make it a drawback to those who wish to set up a TV internet connection. This can be an issue or some.

Insignia TV Conclusion

Probably the most obvious thing to state about the Insignia is that you get what you pay for. Considering the fact that individuals are spending roughly 8 to 900 dollars for Insignia TV.

insignia tv 32 inch

They will be getting a quality TV that has has great LED technology and some specialized features. The Insignia TV in any specific size is probably well worth the money as it does offer smooth processing features.