Insignia TV vs. Samsung, Roku and LG

So you are thinking of getting a new Insignia TV set but you are unsure if it will give you a run for your money. Do not worry, we will tell you whether it is a good buy.

One good feature about this TV is the moderate pricing. The price of an Insignia TV is a lot cheaper compared to other options available in the market.

You can obtain an Insignia TV set like 39 LED TV or 32 inch flat screen TV at a considerably low price, but with the same features as other TV sets manufactured by other brands.

If you want to get a good TV that comes with various features, but your budget is constraining you, then you should get an Insignia TV. It is highly affordable to the average consumer.

Insignia TV has excellent audio and HD video quality

Another reason to buy an Insignia TV is that it comes with many additional details and features that may be unavailable for other TV brands. The HD content and resolution is great, offering high-quality images. The audio quality is excellent, since the Insignia TV has several in-built speakers. The sound is loud and clear, there is really no need to buy external speakers to boost the sound of the TV.

insignia led

Insignia : Great wireless connectivity and viewing angle

It is a great buy because it allows the user to personalize their home screen with their favorite TV channels. It also has a very wide viewing angle so it can be viewed from just about anywhere in the room.

insignia rokuThe wireless connectivity system of this phone is amazing. It is easy to pair and control the TV with devices like smartphones. The wireless system of Insignia TV is comparatively easier to use than that of other brands.

Insignia TVs also offer you a wide variety to choose from. Unlike other brands that predominantly manufacture larger-sized TV sets these days, Insignia TVs come in a range of sizes. Some people may prefer small-sized TV sets, say for the kitchen or bedroom. Insignia TV offers a wide selection of sets to choose from.

Insignia TV durability vs. Samsung, LG, or Roku

However, if you are looking for a TV with excellent performance, then you really should not get this TV. When you first buy this TV, everything works extremely well. The sound and quality is satisfactory.

However, with time, according to some users, this TV begins to malfunction and eventually breaks down. Mostly, the screen usually just goes black or the TV displays issues with the sound.

It is not a good TV to buy if you want a TV that will serve you for many years. You always have to be cautious while operating it and treat it like a baby to ensure it does not malfunction. In this regard, you had better get another brand like Roku TV. In the long run, buying an Insignia TV will cost you dearly.

If you have a good budget, it is better getting a different TV brand, maybe Samsung, Roku, LG or others. While these brands may be slightly more expensive than Insignia TV, their performance is reliable and trustworthy. They will last a longer time, without experiencing any technical issues, unlike Insignia.